Sunday, March 09, 2008 @11:05 pm

Good Bye Arrogance

I never really look forward to the 12 General Election until recently when some friends on facebook have invited for me to join the Deny BN 2/3 Majority and also the Nurul Izzah for Lembah Pantai groups. I never really looked forward becoz it's been the same old story when it comes to GE, BN will always win with 2/3 majority.

But yesterday was different. never ever in my life i was so excited to know the full results. waited with bated breath for the results to be confirmed one by one and in the end, there was a sense of relief and achievement. the malaysian political arena would for the first time ever (i wasnt born yet in 69) be completely different. There are other ruling coalitions for the states (apart from Kelantan state), not just BN.

It's a new dawn for Malaysia, and in particular completely new beginnings for Kedah, Perak and Selangor. Huhu.. PKR, PAS and DAP are no longer Oppositions in those states. So what does this translate to?? There would be new government with new set of cultures n management teams at various govermental departments i.e. the local councils and so on. So, i am hoping that the old culture of no transparency and rampant abuse of power by almost all the local councils namely PJ and SA City Council and also the always in the limelight Klang Muncipal Council be eradicatred completely.

What a great feeling waking up to a new day with greater hope for more prosperity. the morning sunrise was exceptionally beautiful. A new dawn for malaysia with new hope for the people. what people want is just some nice, simple and selfless people's leaders. No more rooms for show of arrogance. Samy Vellu and Zam Maidin are good examples for that. They finally went down the drain. It's high time for them to leave the arena. Yet lucky for Khairy the Arrrogance to get away with a win. Let's deal with that later.

Winning is just the beginning. We hope that the new elected representative of the peoples will deliver and make a difference in upholding the universal principles of fair n justice. and to BN, their incompetence, greed, arrogance and ignorance of the people's wishes have pushed the voters to decide for a shift.

Change is Inevitable. Resistance is Futile.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 @2:53 am


i finished watching 5th episode of season 2 of prison break on my tablet at 2 sumthin in the morning.. realised that i havent performed isyak prayer.. felt a bit guilty for having yet to perform my duty, to submit myself to God.. why eh we always take things for granted.. i tried to sleep, managed to go into it for half and hour, i was awake again.. i dont feel at ease, there is no sense of tranquility.. i need that peace of mind feeling.. i need to solat then, hope God will give me what i need.. some more i need his blessing, dont we all..

i realised that i m always away from my mother n family, with reason that i wanna stay close to my workplace i.e. KL city centre.. i chose to stay in ulu kelang instead of staying at my sis' house together with her family n my mum.. mum chooses to stay with her as she feels comfortable staying under the same roof with her only living daughter.. i had two sisters and one passed away in 97 suffering from stroke, she was paralysed for quite sometime.. i cuden remember exactly how long that was.. i was at that time just back from my studies overseas.. oh ya, back to my realisation, i think i need to be close to mum while she's still alive.. n kicking eh :p .. i dun want to repeat what has happened to dad.. we were never close, he was too garang or "cenge".. hehe, i dunno what slang that is, but that's the best description of him.. but he was being "cenge" for a reason, he wanted us all to be disciplined according to his way of doing things.. oh ya, abt my dad, we had opportunity to get close to him a month before his passing.. we managed to persuade him to come n stay in bangi as he needed medical attention, as mum alone cuden handle him.. all of my siblings of 4 lives in klang valley, from sg buluh in the north to salak tinggi in the south.. we had that slightly more than a month valuable moments with dad.. he was just suffering from the old age sickness.. thankful to God that all my siblings are so caring n curteous to father.. i'm happy that we can still manage to care for each other, albeit there r occasions where some of us might be having difference of opinion..

i have a house in genius earring but to stay there alone is pointless.. it makes me feel lonelier... i tried to stay there alone, n managed to do it.. but ever since i started to spend most of the nites at my sis' place when i was tasked to take care of my father when he was sick, i'd become accustomed to staying with family.. it's kinda fun n fulfilling to have people around u day n nite.. i have a 5 yrs old niece who always talk to me.. she's so close to me to the extent that she always says that i smell so nice even though i was actually still in my office attire which was worn from the morning.. hehe.. she talks a lot, asks too many questions n is so cute n pretty.. and i guess i need to have a family of my own.. soon :)

i tried to stay with friends at some rented houses/apartments in KL but i dont feel like i belong to that environment anymore.. the thing abt living with frens is that, u r part of them if u join them, in whatever they do.. otherwise, u wont blend in well.. i know most of them few years back, i can have trust in them.. but it seems that what i want to do n what they want to do now are different.. it seems that my values n priorities have changed.. coz of this, i dont see much points of staying with them, not to say that i dont wanna be close to them anymore, but i guess i need a new environment.. erm, i guess i need to switch back to my sis house as my base instead of the CDO in melawati.. hehe.. u see, i am leading a nomadic life.. i can choose to either go back to genius earring, cdo, djc, prince village or bbb... n i think starting from now, the base has to be bbb..

i have 3 exams lining up for me in 2008, and all these require great commitment from me.. exams for SC licencing in mar n apr, and the toughest of all is CFA exam in dec. i need major change in how i manage my time n people around me.. change is inevitable.

i wish for God's blessing.. i cant sleep tonite so i write this blog.. for no reason.. i am not asking people to read this but at least, i can let it out to my blog.. huhu, what difference does it make? i dunno, but somehow i feel a bit relieved.. as a conclusion.. i m seeing my mum tomorrow, which is today as it's already 3.37 a.m. :p..

nite to all.. take care..

Saturday, January 19, 2008 @6:22 am


i had a bad dream last nite. woke up early today at 5.40.. in that dream, i visited a place that i am not supposed to be at.. yet, i didnt do it coz none of them is my type.. and yet, somebody from my neighbourhood sorta know abt me being there, n it has become the talk in town.. my nephew somehow backs me on this.. and i later opened my eyes.. there goes my weird dream..

i am now an anti social person.. i like to claim myself as one so that i dont need to provide lengthy reason n justification if i decide not to join any activities that my friends ask me to join. hehe, it works fine so far. if i have the mood to go out, then i go, otherwise i'll just stay at home watching downloaded Heroes, Prison Break n Weeds. they're addictive ok. huhu.. ni dah kena pengaruh tv nih.. it's great that when Astro is showing season 1 of prison break, u'll get to watch the latest episode of season 3, thanks to Unag, streamyx and torrent. hehe.. the new realm of reality.. i dont need to be a sucker for tv anymore.. i mean i dont need to wait fot the story to be aired at predetermined time, i just turn to my laptop at my own convenience..

enuff rojak for today - weird dream, Intan careline n anti social. adios.

Saturday, November 10, 2007 @9:32 pm


some say that it's not good to fantasise a lot.. hmm, i dunno how true that is.. but hey, this fantasy thingy can actually stimulate ur mind.. and to some extent it is addictive..

after few weeks of hardwork, this is the result which i think i can be proud of.. huhu.. i am now at top 25 in the malaysian league of Champions League Fantasy Football.. 25 is such a nice number..

to those who r up for a new challenge, come n join us in the CDO league..

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 @6:12 pm


I was looking for an empty space to park my car at Bangsar when suddenly there's a knock on the glass..

"Encik ah..tanya sikit ah..itu Chimpeng mana ah..?"


"Chimpeng, Chimpeng...saya sudah tanya itu guard ah.. dia cakap sini ada satu Chimpeng..."

"Sorrylah Apek. Saya tak tau woh...Apa tempat itu Chimpeng?"

"Aiyah...itu Chimpeng balu punya..Saya mau pigi angkat wang la..."

"Tarak tau la boss. Itu kedai ka apa?Along ka?"

"Chimpeng bukan kedai itu pun tak tau ah..? itu Chimpeng macam itu Maypeng, Public Peng, RHetB Peng...itu balu punya Peng.."


Tuesday, July 03, 2007 @8:28 am

Al Fatihah

Al-Fatihah.. prayer goes to my beloved dad who passed away on friday evenin at 5.45 pm. Finally he's taken away to continue his journey to meet the Almighty.

My mother was at his side when he left us. Me and other siblings were at work. Sad though but we never knew it would happen on that day..

Got a call at 6 pm from my sis, she was sobbing her way to break the news. Hmm, I was strong enuff not to cry. I was with my colleagues. I quickly rushed to the pantry and.. tears were dropping down my face.

My dad's been sick for 2 months. I was not really close to him before this, but had become very close to him during his period of sickness. He was initially staying in kedah and we brought him over to stay with us in BB Bangi since 5 weeks ago..

Even though i missed the moment when he breathed the air for the last time, i am contented and thankful to Allah that i managed to guide him to repent for forgiveness earlier on. It was on Wednesday morning when he called me to be at his side and told me that he wanted to start from the beginning again. When i asked him what it's all about, he just replied with a single word, that is Islam.

I then asked him to seek forgiveness from Allah, with a taubat nasuha. He did it. Then I guided him to Istighfar and Syahadah. Later, slowly he drifted away into his sleep again. And this time, it was really a longer sleep than the usual ones he normally had. Then i went to work. And when i came back, he couldnt speak anymore.

He was getting weaker. He had not consumed anything for the past two month, except for an egg and quarter full of milk at breakfast, and few sips of water during the day.

When he finally left us for good two days later, it was rather expected. I was fully prepared to accept what's written in the book of God. I think it's better for him to go than to suffer.

My mother is bearing up very well. She no longer needs to nurse my father but still, it's hard for her since they were together for 50 years ++, almost 60 years.. and he was a great man and husband..

On the plus side, it was very nice to see everyone paying a visit to my sis' house.. i wanna thank all my frens who came to visit us.. wan padzli, khairuddin, rafeez, johari, momi, amran, zul hashim, rafar, jamil, azzurizam, banjar, nasrul, megat, wan paizul, ismail yusoff, ap, apai and unag.. and to my neighbours from sbg bestari, cikgu rozi, abg azman n son, zainal n bro lan.. and to my ex-boss, Mr Badrul Hisham.. and my current boss, Pn Mona.. really appreciate ur effort to share the grief with us..

And to many smses from all of u.. thanx for ur good wishes..

And to anyone who read this, please recite Al-Fatihah for my late dad, or at least you will wish him well. His name was Haji Ismail bin Salleh. Please keep him in your prayers.

Friday, June 08, 2007 @3:28 pm


eyes are closed.. i do not know what lights radiates upon me.. standing freely, with nowhere to go.. i'm bound to my fear, a hidden disgrace.. it cloaks my soul.

open... i stare into the grey, shadows, shades, visions.. they all take form.. and suddenly a light in the hall - seeing doors and walls.. but i see...

now, confused, my pride wants to know.. anguish lets it control and I walk to a random door..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 @9:16 pm

Mencandat Sotong

Memorable Ganu trip 2007..

Had some fun.. i used to imagine that mencandat sotong is done using some kind of long stick with a sharp end.. something similar to tombak, a smaller version of it, but hehe.. i was totally wrong..

What an experience having to endure the ever swaying boat off the open sea near the perhentian island.. we reached the place quite late, around midnite, and we stayed there for mencandat till noon next day..

Even though i took the motion sickness pill earlier on in the evening, i could still feel a bit 'high' at the early stage of mencandat.. however, we've all managed to go through the ordeal successfully, with none of us resorting to vomitting..

Snorkelling was on the next day at Coral View, the superior family room was good enuff for six of us, we didnt complaint much as the room provided much better condition for us compared to the previous nite sleep on board of the fisherman boat..

Friday, April 20, 2007 @10:13 am


Huh.. my waistline has begun to increase in size.. and i can feel the uneasiness when i put on my pant to go to work. Arghh.. this is not good. I dont like to get new pants with bigger size, no! that's akin to giving a nod to myself to gain more weight! Hmm, this is the price that i have to pay for not having our futsal as what we used to do.. the last time i played futsal was on 10 March..

It's so difficult to get a booking for an hour of futsal on Saturday night at the places where me and frens used to frequent, i.e. sportsplanet at either ampang (most happening) or sunway 11-courts (2nd most happening).. Hehe.. i guess u all know how to define a place as being happening.. from our perspective, it's really simple! sweet n good looking girls are the feelgood factors, n we'd love to have them around the courts.. that's all.. for a start..

Afterall, the theme songs for me n frens are ones from Irwansyah n Samson, Pencinta Wanita and Naluri Lelaki.. huhu, let's karaoke yeah!! Red Box's package for lunch hour (11-2) is damn cheap - only RM8 for a set lunch + unlimited appetiser/dessert buffet.. and the room is absolutely FOC!

TGIF.. but still not futsal for this week as of now.. have even tried to contact IFC n Soccer XL, but as expected.. evening slots r fully booked! Huehue.. unless u wish to play at midnite onwards!

p/s peristiwa futsal paling sial - kena jegil/sumpah-seranah dgn budak baju hijau yg marah, kononya aku asyik passing bola kat orang sebelah kanan.. damn that irish!


Friday, November 03, 2006 @11:01 am

A crossroad

As I sit upon this crossroad
I look into its paths
I try to guess its meanings
And see what each road has.

One is pain and Suffering
The other is real joy
One path leads to nothingness

And I am just the toy
Of some force's grand design
But one fact is true
There are no signs for all the roads
No paths i can go through

So blindly I wander down the road
Trusting fate to see
That I do not pass Suffering
Or nothingness to please

Life is filled with many quirks
That no one can surmise
And bad things, problems that they are
Are not to be despised.





...matter is only an illusion.. we live in the world of perceptions.. we have never been in contact with material world.. everything we thought we experienced took place only in our minds.. any "external world" is only a response created in our brain by electrical signals..

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